Thursday, July 9, 2009

Long Time Gone

Welcome summer! I've been away from my blog for quite a while and I apologize. Here is my update...

May was, as it is each year, the month of birthdays. We started with my cousin's party on the 2nd, he turned 2 and had a fabulous party at Leapin' Lizards. What fun! We left that party to attend a birthday party for our youngest niece, who also turned 2. Our nephew's party was on the 3rd where he celebrated his 7th birthday. On the 17th, our youngest nephew celebrated his 2nd birthday as well. Then, on the 31st, our oldest nephew also celebrated his birthday when he turned 8. In and amoungst all the birthday parties, were many more birthdays including my mother-in-law, two sisters-in-law and my sister, plus many others.

It was quite a busy month as I also had to miss 4 days of work due to illness. I was fortunate enough to have a migraine, severe strep throat and a raging sinus infection all at one time! Whoo Hoo! Glad that time has passed.

With June came the end of the school year. It also meant the start-up of summer activities. The first week in June was Cub Scout Twilight Camp which my son attended and had a blast after we got their den switched. Note to file: a cheerful giver recieves much! During that same week, my husband's mother, brother and family, and sister and family all went to Florida on vacation. They had a great time and all made it back safely!

Brandon and I got a Suburban. We used to have one which we were forced to sell a few years back for the money. That one was great, but our new one is far more than that. We love it and decided we should take it on our vacation this year.

The next week we had Family Bible School with our Church. That is always a great time. This year's theme was "How we Worship" and I think benefitted youth a lot. We discussed preaching, praying, singing, giving, and partaking in the Lord's Supper. We had a great turn out and everyone enjoyed it a lot!

Then, vacation week, and what a week it was. We left Texas and stopped at the Oklahoma City National Memorial, which was neat. We stopped in Kansas to eat lunch and visit the visitor information center. We ate dinner in Nebraska and spent the night in the truck in the WalMart parking lot in Scottsbluff. The following morning, we went to see Scottsbluff National Monument. It was beautiful. We hiked up to the top and took lots of pictures. We left there and headed to Custer State Park in South Dakota.

We drove through Wind Cave National Park to get there. Custer State Park was BEAUTIFUL! We went to see Mount Ruchmore which has a facinating history, it was magnificent. We drove the Peter Norbeck scenic byway and the Needles Highway. We saw Crazy Horse. We visited the Wind Cave and the Jewel Cave National monument. Each of the National Parks we visited, the kids earned their Junior Ranger badges, they had lots of fun.

When we left the Black Hills area, we went west into Wyoming and visited Devils Tower National Monument. Then, drove south into Colorado to see Pikes Peak again. We drove through New Mexico on the way home, making a total of 8 states we visited on our trip. Everywhere we went, we hiked it seems, got in lots of miles. It was such a memorable trip, but probably the most memoriable, or at least the funniest, was when one evening at dinner, we are all sitting at the picnic table eating our dinner and my daughter, who was across the table from me, points behind me and shouts "Deer!". Well, I turned around and probably 6 feet from me, was a little white-tailed deer. It was very cool!

Here we are already in July...

We had a great July 4th. We went out on the boat early with my brother-in-law and his family. Everyone enjoyed the morning and then we got off the lake for lunch, a movie and dinner. We watch "Up". Then, we went back out on the lake with a friend and his wife to play a bit more then watch fireworks over the lake. Nice and relaxing, good time.

We were back from vacation nearly a week, when our son left for Junior Church Camp in Cisco. I have missed him lots this week and am constantly thinking of him. I hope he has learned lots of cool stuff and made some friends. Our daughter has stayed with her Granny all week while our son was at Church Camp. That was their arrangement. They come home tonight.

On Sunday the 5th, with our house free of children, we decided that "today was the day". And so it was, we drove to Trenton, Texas to see a GSD breeder. There, we looked at all the puppies and the mammas and daddys. We had a favorite and bought him that day. We are now the pround household of a 10 week old male German Shepherd named "BEAR". His is beautiful and a typical puppy. We are working on the chewing, and nipping and of course, house training. Our hope is that he becomes and inside dog able to interact with his people all the time. We sure loved and still miss Zeus, our first GSD who was white, was 10 when he passed last year. We gave him the best we could when he was here. This new puppy, who will be black and tan or black and red, has given my husband and I quite a bit of enjoyment since his arrival in our lives. Our daughter has met him and told me a bit ago on the phone that she can't wait to see him again. Our son, since he has been at camp, has not seen or heard of Bear. It will be quite a surprise to him. I can't wait!

This weekend is our son's 10th birthday party. His birthday is June 16th, but due to his VERY BUSY summer schedule to this point, we postponed it to this weekend. The weekend after that is another neice's birthday party. Then, we have our daughter's party in August and one more nieces's party in September.

We stay so busy but would not change it for the world!

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