Monday, April 20, 2009

Many Moons Monday

Many moons ago I last blogged… has is really been three weeks? I apologize, here is an update.

Our oldest niece turned the big 1-0! She had a cotton candy machine at her party and we got to see just how messy those things can be. It was windy and the machine was outside, good thing… my sister-in-law who was working the cotton candy machine was covered up to her shoulder in cotton candy. She had a good attitude about it and just went with the flow! Note to self, cotton candy machines have the potential to cotton candy you!

In our Floor Warden Meeting here at work, we finally showed the last installment of the Building Emergency Videos we completed in 2007. Those were stressful but fun to make. Some of the outtakes were the best part of the whole thing. All in all, we covered these emergencies: fire, medical, elevator, bomb threat, civil disorder, picketing, severe weather and power outage. Now comes the hard part… coming up with new interesting way of presenting the same ol’ stuff.

We took a trip to the cabin in Arkansas Easter weekend. We were delayed a couple of hours due to a blow-out on a trailer tire… without a spare! Though none of us were thrilled that we had a two hour detour… we were thankful later… when we passed through DeQueen, there were lots of lights which we thought was a road block / check point of some kind. Come to find out, there had been tornadic activity in the area a few hours before that. Might it be that the blow-out was a blessing in disguise, yes, I think so. Makes you think that everything really does happen for a reason. Please remember those affected by severe weather lately in Arkansas and across the country/world. Homes have been destroyed and lives have been changed forever.

The weather was realatively nice to us. I can say that now as we all did get out safe and sound. We thought for a while we would have to rent an arc to get back over to the highway.

Easter brought a special surprise this year… my kids know who the Easter bunny is and I am not talking about the big white mammal that hops through town leaving baskets full of eggs laying around for boys and girls… no, we have been discovered! It is sad and funny all at the same time. Their lives have just flown by so far, literally, flown. I miss the one year old and newborn… I missed the two and three year old… I miss the four and five year old… but I treasure every minute with them.

“And just watchin [them] it breaks [my] heart, cause [I] already know…
It won’t be like this for long. One day soon [those little kids are] gonna be
All grown up and gone. Yeah, this phase is gonna fly by,
So, [I’m] tryin’ to hold on, cause it won’t be like this for long.”

A few words from last Wednesday… “Don’t Tread on Me.”

A few more words, it was great visiting with my brother. He came by to pick up the trailer which he will be housing until Mom gets to park it in her backyard. He was over about 30 minutes or so I think. We recalled come “good old times” about various things and had a few chuckles. I warned him about checking out, for himself, the “real deal” about his escrow refund. Those can be great, if your mortgage company is doing stuff correctly… or you can get screwed and owe a bunch of it back if they are not. Everyone’s schedules are so busy now, so tied up… ours is going in all directions all the time. It is too bad that my family doesn’t have a “Family Night” like my husband’s family does. We should try that…

This past Friday, one of my hubby’s cousins, had a baby. She came by c-section as she was large and not positioned ideally. Mommy and baby are doing great. Congrats to their little family unit.

Saturday was full of running. My sister and I met with some of the ladies of the 60 Mile Mamas, the team we are on for the Breast Cancer 3-Day. The weather was not much to walk in, so we had breakfast and talked fundraising. They seem to be a great group of ladies and we are excited to be part of their team. They have planned training walks and events. We have a lot a way to go on fundraising but this helps us keep hope. They were full of information and very helpful with raised our spirits about the whole experience.

It is back to the grind stone today…

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