Thursday, November 5, 2009

Catch-Up and Mustard

Did you know I like mustard better than catch-up? Well, it should be obvious as I have not done a good job on the catch-up part in a long time. Here we go...

August came and went. The first weekend, we spent a relaxing time with my husband's dad and step-mom at their timeshere near Lake Palestine. I think we all enjoyed ourselves greatly. It was fun just to relax with them for a while.

Our daughter's birthday party was on the 16th and so that filled up a lot of time. She got Rock Band from my sister and brother and their spouses. She loves playing it, as do the rest of us. She also got Taylor Swift cds which she can play in her very own sterio in her room. She LOVES it!

Our puppy, Bear, had his first Vet visit onthe 24th. Also on the 24th was the first day of school! We have a 5th grader and 4th grader this year... where has the time gone?

September also came and went. I drove up to Mom's property in Arkansas on Labor Day weekend. It was the first time I had driven there myself... I took Kaitlyn and Bear. My sister and Josh rode with us and I even pulled a trailer... weekend of firsts for me! We had a good time.

With the start of school, also comes the start of Cub Scouts. We are hot and heavy into that again already. Our son will migrate to Boy Scouts in February.

The 26th of September was full of fun. Our daughter went to one of my neice's birthday parties, the rest of us went to Cub Scout Safe Shoot. Then my husband and some split to go hunting and I went to a Poker Run to raise money for the Breast Cancer 3-Day.

My brother, Jeromy had a birthday on the 27th and is now officially sliding down toward 30.

The 30th brought School Teacher Conferences and errands galour.

October has managed to come and go as well. The first weekend there, we attended a family wedding down in Travis Peak. That is a beautiful area down there. The wedding was nice... the weather for it, not so much. We... the four in my family, the 5 of my sister-in-law's family and another nephew, and my mom-in-law all stayed in a little cabin thing... like for a Christain Camp. It was so much fun all of us stuck in there together. Another close family group was in another cabin next to us. Great times, the kids thought it was really cool!

On the 10th, the four of us went up to Lake Murray in Oklahoma, to their ATV park. We had recently bought another ATV for my son, they had outgrown the little tiny one. It was a LOT of fun. All four of us had our own ATV and the kids are finally big enough to ride through, over, on more stuff.

My husband and I both had birthdays in there as well.

We went on a Cub Scout Camp Out on the 23-25. Lots of fun as usual, one of the best camp outs ever as far as weather goes. It was beautiful. We tried a new camp area at Worth Ranch and liked it. We went on a cool hike to a different area than we had in the past. We also hike up 99 steps to the highest area in the park for some gazing around the place. Lovely!

Halloween was fun. I was sore from a training walk, but we had fun. There were about 30 people total in our Trick or Treating group. It was kind of sad though. The traditions of old are not the traditions of now. There are barely any trick or treaters. There are barely any porch lights on... times have changed.

Welcome November. The first would have been Dad's 65th birthday. It was a bit depressing. They say time heals everything, and yes, time does help, but I am still not completely healed. I still cry on a fairly regular basis. I still miss my Daddy so much.

Which reminds me for some reason of a quote I recently saw: "When God leads you to the edge of the cliff, trust Him fully and let go. Only 1 of 2 things will happen; either He will catch you when you fall, or He'll teach you how to fly!"

This weekend is the Breast Cancer 3-Day. We meet tonight for dinner with the team and sleep/rest. It will be a couple of VERY early mornings (if you know me, you know that even 10am is "early" to me) and LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of walking.

I'll update again in a few days... talk to you then...

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